A changing climate creates new opportunities for how we live and power our economies.

Resilient communities require equitable solutions to thrive amidst environmental change.


We advance your climate and arctic priorities.

Let us help you navigate your contribution to climate solutions.

What we do

We are a climate and arctic impact consulting company.

We create climate and arctic programs and strategy that maximize impact, lead to practical actions, and build local to global momentum.


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  • Climate Resilience
  • Energy Innovation

  • International Cooperation
  • Federal, State, and Local Government Relations

  • Science & Research
  • Indigenous Peoples

Let us help you

Founder Nikoosh Carlo has extensive experience advancing community-based solutions to climate change and has a broad network across Alaska and Arctic regions in government and academia.


Strategic Design

I can support you to:

  • Develop something new or redesign an existing program
  • Develop climate or arctic impact objectives or priorities
  • Survey your strengths and identify opportunities where you can make the most impact
  • Pull in the right professionals and align resources to move your goals and objectives forward
  • Promote your vision within your organization and with stakeholders


I can:

  • Work with your internal team to understand various climate solutions and arctic policy options
  • Serve as an ongoing advisor to your organization as you implement new ideas
  • Connect you with other organizations to explore new partnerships that amplify your work